User’s Page and FAQ

How are the Custom-Fitted Earbuds Made?

The process for making the custom-fitted earbuds is very simple. There are written instructions and a video showing how to do it. When you place an order, we will send you a link to the video so you can see how to make them.

In summary:

(i) we send you two specially-made soft putty-like materials that you mix together by kneading them with your fingers.

(ii) You then take the putty and form a cone around the earphones and

(iii) push the cone and the earphones into your ears, before

(iv) waiting a short while as the material cures. 

(v) Once cured you have custom-fitted earbuds that fit your ears perfectly and comfortably.

Why Do I Need a Headband As Well As Earbuds and Earphones?

For Music: the headphones house the battery and ANC and BT electronics, as well as the jack for the earphones. The headphones also gently press the earbuds and earphones into the ear, ensuring optimal connection between the earbuds and the inner ear. This enables better transfer of the sound energy into the ear to give a DEEP sound.

For Sleep / Zedphones: the headband or head array houses the Bluetooth unit that generates the white noise for the earphones. It also keeps the cables out of the way.

The headband has large ear cushions (about the size and thickness of your hand – to spread the load over a relatively large area) that make it possible to lie on your side without the earbuds being pushed into your ears (which is uncomfortable). They also help to gently keep the earbuds in place, so unwanted sound is less likely to sneak in through the back door.

BLUETOOTH – the kits comes with a Bluetooth unit, how does that work?

A Bluetooth unit is mounted on the headband. You simply turn it on and pair it with your phone. You can then play your favourite white noise tracks downloaded from the Internet or streamed from our YouTube page (or any other page offering white noise tracks).

I DON’T WANT TO USE BLUETOOTH – is there an alternative?

For Music you can simply plug a lead from your device into the headphones and it will feed both the headphones and the earphones.

For Sleep / Zedphones: yes, if you message us we can do a work-around and supply an MP3 player (instead of a Bluetooth unit) with a range of pre-loaded white noise sound tracks. You just need to turn it on and press the play button. However, the Bluetooth option is by far the better option, not least of all because you will only need to charge one device instead of two.

BABIES – Will I Be Able to Hear My Baby Crying when Sleeping with Zedphones?

No you won’t. However, there are various baby monitors designed for deaf people. If you wore one of these and the headphones at the same time, you would know when your baby is crying and not be disturbed by the sound of snoring.

I Googled “Baby Monitor for Deaf People” and found a number of useful links.