DEEPsound for Sleep – Zedphones

Deep Sleep Even in a Noisy Place

Can’t sleep because of your snoring partner? Being driven crazy by barking dogs, noisy neighbours or annoying street sounds? Zedphones will give you peace and a good night’s sleep.


Zedphones are a very thin, ultra comfortable hybrid between headphones and earphones and are designed to counteract the sound of loud snoring (and other annoying sounds) so you can get a good night’s sleep next to your loved one, even if he or she is snoring loudly.

With Zedphones you won’t be lying there wondering when the next loud snore or dog bark is going to come – you won’t notice it and you’ll get some sleep!

Why are Zedphones different from normal headphones?

They’re thin and pliable with soft ear cushions that have no hard edges, making them comfortable to wear while sleeping, even when lying on your side (and they don’t push the earphone into your ear – which can be uncomfortable).

Zedphones Have Earphones with Custom-Fitted Fully-Personalised Earbuds and Active Noise Cancelling Technology

Our DEEPsound Technology custom-made earbuds are what make the difference as they have earphones embedded in them. The earbuds fit perfectly, closing the gap between your eardrums and the outside world, and partially blocking unwanted external sounds. The earphones generate a soothing layer of comforting white noise (my favourite is rain on a tin roof) in and around your ears.

In fact Zedphones have three layers to protect you from unwanted noise:

  • Layer 1: custom fitted earbuds that block some of the noise.
  • Layer 2: an earphone embedded in the earbud creating a constant soothing wall of white noise that masks the highs and lows of annoying sound.
  • Layer 3: Active Noise Cancelling to reflect and absorb external sound using state-of-the-art technology from one of the world’s leading centres of excellence in this field.

None of these layers works very effectively on their own, but when combined, they attack the problem quite effectively – so you can get some sleep.

How do you get a pair of Zedphones?

To order a kit, please visit our Order page and we’ll get it off to you the same day or the next working day, shipped from Winchester in England. When you receive your kit, you follow the simple instructions to make the customised earbuds and you are ready to go on the first night.

What to Expect When You First Receive Your Order:

Everything you need to get some respite from disturbing noise:

  • An adjustable super-soft headband and ear cushions.
  • Materials to make your own custom-fitted earbuds (it’s easy to do).
  • Low profile earphones (which will be embedded in the custom-fitted earbuds).
  • Full instructions both written and in a video.

Background to Zedphones and John Bradley

Zedphones were designed by me, John Bradley. Over the years I have spoken directly to more than a thousand people whose lives are affected by snoring. My experience with SleepPro led me to understand that sleep deprivation is a huge problem, destroying marriages and even leading to domestic violence.

In 2004 I founded SleepPro, a design and manufacturing company in the fields of snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnoea.

In 2016, following a night-train journey with two very noisy snorers, I started work on Zedphones. My goal was to replicate the benefits of white noise generated by the train on the tracks. I discovered that when the train was moving, it was possible to sleep in spite of the incredible din coming from the snorers. After three years of work, I know that Zedphones will be a huge help to people who can’t sleep because of night-time noise.

John Bradley, April 2019.