DEEPsound for Music

A different, new and better way to listen to music, find out why …

Order a DEEPsound kit and you will get a pair of high quality earphones to be embedded in fully-personalised custom-fitted earbuds. The result is a beautiful, deep, rich sound. In addition to this you get a pair of headphones with Active Noise Cancelling and Bluetooth. These also provide the audio feed for the earphones, and block extraneous noise while not compromising the sound quality of the earphones. They also provide a second layer of sound and very gently push the earbuds into the ear to optimise the transfer of sound energy from the earbuds to the ear canal.

Our hybrid of earphone and headphone give you an extraordinary listening experience at a sensible price.

WOO! … this is what you are going to say when you listen to music using DEEPsound for the first time.

DEEPsound technology with state-of-the-art Active Noise Cancelling technology that blocks out the extraneous, intrusive noise of the world and delivers amazing sound for your music via custom-fitted earphones .

You may notice that when you turn on the Active Noise Cancelling function on most headphones and earphones, there is a reduction in the quality of the sound, especially when listening to music. But with DEEPsound technology you get the advantage of Active Noise Cancelling with none of the drop-off in the quality of the sound. This is because the noise cancelling occurs in the headphones and the music is played through separate earphones embedded in custom-fitted earbuds.

“I have a pair of very expensive European-made ANC headphones. I love them. They are a thing of beauty and a masterpiece of engineering. But compared to my DEEPsound earphone headphone hybrid, they are not as good and they cost a whole lot more”.

How do you get a DEEPsound Kit?

To order a kit, please visit our Order page and we’ll get it off to you the same day or the next working day, shipped from Winchester in England. When you receive your kit, you follow the simple instructions to make the customised earbuds and you are ready to go in less than ten minutes.

What to Expect When You First Receive Your Order:

Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth headphones with an extra output jack for wired earphones.
Materials to make your own custom-fitted earbuds (it’s easy to do).
A pair of high quality earphones specially chosen as they are the right shape to be embedded in the custom-fitted earbuds.
Full instructions, both written and in a video.